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The best souvenir to buy in 20 European countries

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The INSIDER Summary:

  • Forget gimmicky key chains and cheap t-shirts: Every European country offers unique souvenirs that are native to that country.
  • Examples include chocolate from Switzerland, leather goods from Italy, amber from Poland, and coffee from Turkey.

Sometimes the closest you can get to Europe is an American town with European influences.

But for the times that you can make it abroad, it's always a good idea to commemorate your trip with a souvenir.

Many European countries are known for certain foods or handmade crafts that are ideal for bringing back home. Portugal, for example, is the single producer of port wine in the world.

Keep scrolling to see the ideal souvenir to buy in 20 different European countries.

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Germany: mass

Germans have long been known for their love of beer — often it's cheaper than water — and they drink it by the liter in heavy glass mugs known as a mass.

Take a trip to Munich's historic Hofbräuhaus and grab a mass with the iconic blue HB on the front.

Italy: leather goods

Italy is full of outdoor markets packed with vendors selling a variety of leather goods that range from bags to belts to notebooks.

The country's most famous market — and the ideal spot to find quality leather goods — is the San Lorenzo Market in Florence. You could spend the better part of a day wandering around the endless array of stalls.

Croatia: licitar heart

Popular all over Croatia, licitar hearts are simple cakes made from flour, water, yeast, and sugar that are shaped with tin molds and then baked and painted bright colors — most commonly red.

The hearts have been around since the Middle Ages. The smaller versions can make for a great Christmas tree ornament.

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