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I ate at Disney World's most coveted restaurant — here's why it didn't live up to the hype

Disney World Be Our Guest restuarant lunch review

Disney World has dozens of uniquely themed dining options and hotels, from the indoor drive-in movie theater restaurant to the All-Star Movies Resort with "Mighty Ducks" decor.

The most popular restaurant is hands-down Be Our Guest — a dining experienced based on "Beauty and the Beast." Reservations sell out up to six months in advance, making it extremely difficult to get inside for a meal.

During my first-ever trip to Disney World, my friend and I managed to get inside for a fast lunch. 

Keep reading to see why the overall experience was over-hyped and underwhelming.

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The Be Our Guest restaurant is located in Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Guests check in at a small window, and then cross a bridge to the restaurant entrance.

Park guests are not allowed inside the restaurant without a reservation, which adds to the high demand for a table.

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