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Chefs reveal 10 Thanksgiving leftovers ideas that are way better than a sandwich


  • Thanksgiving leftovers get tiresome quickly, even the iconic Thanksgiving sandwich.
  • We rounded up 10 different creative, delicious tips and recipes from professional chefs and food personalities to clean out your fridge the week after Thanksgiving without getting bored.
  • From turkey ramen to stuffing waffles, there's something for everyone.


Thanksgiving is easily the most gluttonous of all the holidays, so two things are pretty much guaranteed: You will be donning your favorite stretchy pants on Thursday, and by Friday your fridge will be filled to the brim with leftovers. But even though the Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich is an iconic creation, it's easy to get bored quickly by the same-old Tupperware contents. 

Before you waste your unwanted leftovers, be sure to check out our list of creative and innovative tips and recipes to remix your Turkey Day remnants into something creative. Chefs and food bloggers told us how to repurpose everything from the turkey to the gravy, and even leftover bottles of red wine.

Keep scrolling for some enticing post-Thanksgiving culinary ideas. 

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Thanksgiving leftovers pizza

This holiday leftovers pizza from Julie Andrews of  "Julie the Gourmet RD" food blog proves that literally anything can be made out of a pizza. With whole grain flatbread as your base, just swap out tomato sauce for cranberries, and pepperoni for turkey, and stick it in the oven.

Get the recipe here.

Turkey ramen

This genius Japanese-inspired recipe comes from Angelo Sosa, two-time Top Chef and owner of AOSbySOSA aprons. 

"Take all of the bones and carcass, throw in a pot, and cook on high heat for 30 minutes. Allow all the fat to come together, and season with a little soy sauce and Sriracha before adding your favorite noodles."

Try out this recipe for leftover turkey ramen here.


Potato pancakes

Turn your leftover mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes into latkes (a perfect fit for the start of the holiday season), thanks to this tip from the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner culinary team.

"We suggest repurposing potatoes as they tend to last longer and are easy to manipulate into new flavors and textures for leftover meals."

Get the recipe for leftover mashed potato pancakes here. 


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