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23 incredible cheese dishes from around the world that you need to try in your lifetime

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The INSIDER Summary:

  • INSIDER rounded up 23 of the most delicious cheese dishes from around the world.
  • We excluded "obvious" food like pizza, grilled cheese, and lasagna.
  • Poutine from Canada and Swiss raclette are just two of the cheesy dishes to add to your bucket list.

Forget music and laughter — cheese is the universal language we can all enjoy (unless you're lactose intolerant, that is).

There's just something about cheese that's comforting and reminds us of home. For Americans, it might be a childhood love for pizza or mac 'n' cheese, but there's a whole world of cheese out there.

INSIDER has rounded up 23 of the world's best cheese dishes, from the more familiar Polish cheese pierogis, to the trendy and drippy cheese raclette from Switzerland, as well as lesser-known dishes like fried Rubing cheese, native to China.

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Adjaruli Khachapuri, Georgia

One of the most popular dishes in the small nation of Georgia, Khachapuri is made with pizza dough, a mozzarella and feta cheese mix, and topped with baked eggs. It's a boat-shaped bread bowl for the ages. 

Aligot, France

Although France is world-renowned for its abundance of cheese, aligot is probably one of the lesser- known French dishes in which cheese is the star. This hearty mashed potato dish is one part potato, and one part melty raclette cheese. 

Käsespätzle, Austria

We're always open to new types of mac 'n' cheese. This German/Austrian version is made with dumpling-like noodles and topped with caramelized or fried onions. You can use the Swiss-like Emmentaler cheese or Gruyere to make this creamy casserole. 

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