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13 secret menu items at Disney parks that you never knew existed

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The INSIDER Summary:

  • Think outside the menu: We've rounded up 13 of the craziest and most delicious secret menu items at three Disney theme parks.
  • You can get Mickey's Fun Wheel (a colorful cocktail) at Cove Bar in California Adventure.
  • The Mickey-shaped Chili Mac n Cheese can be found at the Refreshment Corner on Main Street in Disneyland.

Theme parks may not exactly be known for their elevated culinary experiences, but Disney has completely stepped up its food game in recent years and moved outside the realm of humdrum burgers and fries.

While we've already told you about some of the most amazing restaurants in Disney parks, what about food you can't find on a menu?

Disney theme parks (especially Disneyland) have a whole slew of delicious, over-the-top secret menu items that you can enjoy, from colorful cocktails to loaded tater tots.

We've done the dirty work for you and rounded up the most tempting dishes, including exactly where and how to get them. 

EDIT: We've removed the Nachos Rio Grande challenge from this list because it is unfortunately no longer offered at Pecos Bill.

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Cinnamon bun and candied bacon cheeseburger: All-Star Movies Resort World Premiere food court

The All-Star Movies resort just launched a top-secret menu. Word on the street is, if you head over to the Roxy counter and ask about the secret menu items, they'll give you a suitcase full of Viewfinder toys through which you can view your tempting secret menu items.

At the top of that list? The candied bacon cheeseburger smushed between two icing-swirled cinnamon buns. 

Poutine with gravy and cheese curds: All-Star Movies Resort World Premiere food court

This Canadian take on French fries is one of three brand-new secret menu items that you can get at the All-Star Movies resort. 


Bacon mac n' cheese dog: All-Star Movies resort World Premiere food court

You can't go wrong with melted cheese, bacon, and a hot dog all in one place. This is the third, and arguably the most tempting secret menu option at the All-Star Movies Resort.

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